After getting more request from users for insert image on post we have worked on it and yeah it’s done.

To insert image on your post follow these steps :

  1. You can see small icon just below off text box
  2. Click on that icon, you will see a dialog box for select image file
  3. Select image file you want to upload
  4. After selecting the file you will see file name just below off text box
  5. Enter post on the text box and click on post
  6. It’s done

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In past few months, some users requested us that they want to communicate with others. In short they want chat application in our website. So we have worked in that request and finally we are launching Chat Application, we have named it as “Conversation“.

To start conversation with any user, you have to send friend request to that user. After sending request to user, if user accept your request than you can start conversation with that user.

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